How to Use Kwfinder to Easily Drive Organic Traffic To A New Blog

Like I said above how to use kwfinder to easily drive tons of organic traffic to a new WordPress and blogger blog.

Stay awake because today you will learn a lot.

The problem most bloggers suffer today is generating organic traffic to their WordPress blog.

Even I myself I still remember when I started my first WordPress blog.

I had the same issue not knowing that behind everything we do in life today.

There is a solution.

Or doing the right thing properly then you have a better chance of anticipating a positive result.

So without wasting much time let us dive into it which is how to use kwfinder to drive organic traffic.

Requirements to Use Kwfinder to Generate Organic Traffic


This is one of the first skill you need to acquire as a blogger aiming to make a little buck.

You have to inarguably publish a lot of contents minding the facts who you your audience are.

You don’t write for yourself rather you write for the public.

To properly do this, there a set of guidelines to effectively optimize your content to be good enough for search engines.

Of which I will be making a separate post later on that, but for today let us deliberate on the easiest way to build constant organic traffic to a newly developed WordPress and blogger blog.


Why I use VPN networks in driving organic traffic is this.

Most of us that lack the finance to get a premium account on can easily use VPN services to bypass the time waiting of Kwfinder trial when that elapses.

I will elaborate more on this as we go on.

Internet connection

Indeed you need a good and stable internet connection to be able to smoothly carry out keyword research on kwfinder.

The reason is that we don’t like a situation where a poor network can affect our VPN connection.

Email Address.

You can make use of Google, yahoo email address to register an account on Kwfinder website.

Then implement this my little trick which is going to teach you today to effectively generate tons of traffic to your website.

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How to Use Kwfinder to Drive Organic Traffic to A New Blog

Kwfinder is a platform where you can input a seed keyword and turn it into a long tail keyword.

This is a means to easily rank a particular keyword on Google first page.

First of all go over to, and create an account with your email address.

Always make sure to perform a keyword research before making a blog post.

This is to enable you to choose properly a keyword that can drive traffic to your blog.

And a keyword that can be easy to rank for.

So now when you have created your account on Kwfinder, input a seed keyword and proceed to search e.g instamp3.

On the next page, you will see the search trend, PPC and keyword difficulty.

Therefore to easily rank a keyword for our website we consider the below frequencies.

1. The search trend – this refers to how often people search for that particular keyword and its variations.

2. PPC – the total number of paid per click ads for that keyword, the resonance here is to choose a keyword with lesser PPC number.

3. KD – this refers to the keyword difficulty, and this is the most important factor that you should consider when choosing a keyword to rank.

Always go for a keyword that has a lower number of value.

On the right-hand side, you will see a small window that gives you the possibility of your keyword ranking on a scale of 1¬100.

So for you to easily drive organic traffic to your blog, I advise you go for a keyword with a KD of 1¬ 20 and slightly above that.

With that hand and a good amount of on page and off page SEO, you will draw a lot of traffic to your blog.

So watch out for my next article which I will be going to tell you how to do properly on page search engine optimization on your blog articles.

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But for today stick tight with this how to use kwfinder to drive organic traffic to your blog.


What motivated me to make this post is that I know a lot of newbie bloggers finds it difficult on how to easily generate the subsequent amount of traffic for their websites.

But with this guidelines followed correctly above, you will be able to easily drive tons of traffic to your new blog.

Owing to the fact that seed keywords have low-value CPCs as the case may be.

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