How to Subscribe Glo Night Plan Bundle for 200 Naira

Hi famz, the purpose of this write up is to show you how to subscribe to Glo night plan bundle for 200 naira.

Often time, people do bombard us with the current Glo night plan subscription code, which previously goes for 25 naira and 100 naira as of then.

But as of today, Glo night plan subscription bundle goes for 200 naira per night.

Although one amazing advantage glo night plan has over other competitive networks is that glo night plan bundle of 200 naira can stay more than one night in as much as you have not used the bundle.

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It is a thing of joy.

Unlike other network providers that will terminate your plan that same night.

Whether you used it or not they will cancel it.

So I advise each and everyone that want Glo night plan bundle to give it a shot.

Therefore, in order to subscribe to Glo night plan bundle, quickly follow the below guidelines accordingly

How to Subscribe Glo Night Plan Bundle for 200 Naira

  • You have to make sure you have a minimum of 200 naira on your Glo line.
  • Compose a message in this format and send to 127 e.g 60 to 127.
  • You can also make use of Glo night plan USSD code to quickly do that.
  • Dial *127*60# and press the send button
  • You will recieve a message confirming your subscrption to glo night bunle plan of 1GB
  • Thus, switch on your network and surf with your plan from 12 AM ~ 5 AM

You wll get a message notifying you that your glo night plan will expire if you did not finish your allocated bundle.

Shove it away, you can still make use of your plan by the same time tomorrow or any other day

Geekknowhow says so, enjoy.

How to Check Glo Night Plan Balance

  • Very simple to do this.
  • Follow the quick guide below
  • Dial *127*0# and press the send key
  • You will receive a notification message displaying your current remaining Glo night plan bundle balance.
  • That is all have fun surfing the internet.

Also have fun too surfing our website



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