How to Stop Windows Update on Win 10

Just take a look at the title up there how to stop windows update on win 10, this is something that I know that have and is currently troubling a lot of people.

To draw the radar closer, in this article I will teach how you can easily disable windows update on window 10 and its subsequent successors.

Myself as well when I first started making use of Windows 10.

At a juncture when I insert my modem into the system or connect to a hotspot.

This in no time drains the subscription plan that I am making use.

In that case, I consider a roll back to window 8.1 of which I am aware that some us out there still do.

But luckily I have found a simple guide on how to easily terminate windows 10 automatic update.

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Just read to the bottom of this article and find out how I was able to do that in a few mins margin.

So, fellas, this was exactly what I did to stop windows 10 auto update

How to Stop Windows Update on Win 10 Procedures

  • Right click on your desktop and select personalize¬†option
  • Take your mouse and select themes

  • Click on desktop icon settings

  • Here now, tick all the options as you can see on my own below.

  • When done, click on apply and then Ok
  • Exit and proceed to the next part
  • Now from your desktop interface, locate the icon “This PC, My Computer”
  • Right clcik on it and select manage
  • Scroll down a bit and click on services and application
  • See my screenshots and follow my lead.

  • Double click on services to view running processes
  • So here now let us assume that services are arranged alpabetically.
  • In order to get to windows update asap, scroll to the bottom
  • Double tap on the windows Update

  • Now change the start up type to disabled as you can see in my screenshot

  • Click on apply and OK that is all

You are good to go

So now to be sure that it really worked go over to your system settings-windows update and if you see this window.

Then bravo you have successfully learnt how to stop windows update on win 10 be it pro or any windows 10 version.


You have seen how I was able to disable windows 10 updates permanently.

So any one can as well do that in a few mins.

In case you run into any problem do well to contact us.

In the mean time, this article is quite self explanatory on its own.

So i recommend you follow the above procedures accordingly.

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