This article is a tip or you can call it a guide on how to create UK and US Google Adsense account from any country you might be in.

I wrote this guide based on the view and queries that I see a lot of people search on Google.

It’s not just a guide.

Probably you might be wondering what is he actually talking about.

Take it from me, this is not a cut and join crap you hover your mouse over on the internet.

I wrote the article sketch up from scratch.

This is to enable you to create a UK and US Google Adsense account irrespective of your location.

The thing is this.

A lot of bloggers today believe that UK and US Google Adsense account is the best in terms of CPC, RPM, and CTR.

And I also believe this is true.

how to create a perfect UK and Us Google Adsense account

So I will quickly show you the steps I have used in getting a UK or US Google Adsense account approved.

Steps to Create UK/US Google Adsense Account

Make a new Gmail account or you can use a previously owned email address. (NB: email that has not been used to apply for Adsense before).

Visit Google Adsense official sign up page.

Insert your required email in the field. And in this case, insert your newly created email address.

Proceed to sign in to your Google account by entering the appropriate password.

Then visit fakeaddressgenerator to generate fake identity details.

This is what you need to fill in the adsense sign up form.

You can export, you can randomize, in short words, you can do a whole lot of things on this website.

Now select the United Kingdom as a country of residence for your Google Adsense application. (Choose any country of your choice)

But for this today we are working with the UK and US, the reason is due to high CPC, RMM, and CTR.

Now use the details you generated from fakeaddressgenerator and fill in the final step successfully.

When you are done with that part.

Copy the Adsense code snippet and place in the “head” section of your website template.

For this, you can make use of a WordPress plugin to avoid compromising your template HTML codes.

When you are ok with this, click I have pasted the code.

That’s all for now

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Check your email address in two days time and be surprised at what you might see.

So but in order to successfully be accepted in Google Adsense monetization, there are a few necessary conditions that need to be done.

So I suggest you stick around and read some other of my articles to find out what and what you need to do.

Thank you for reading.

This is it How to Create UK/US Google Adsense Account.

I know most people will be asking how to verify UK adsense pin.

It is quite a simple one can easily receive UK Adsense payment in Nigeria.

You can make use of your friends, relatives you have over there.

If you don’t have any, you can contact me I will provide an address for you to receive our Google Adsense verification code.

Also, you can use a special courier service shoptomydoor to receive Google Adsense pin directly to your email address.

In the meantime, I will be expecting to answer any question from you.

Don’t forget to share and also read some of my other articles and boost your SEO techniques.

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