How to Change View on Google Maps App

The purpose of this write up is because I went on the major forums on the internet like like Google products forum and quora and I saw this particular issue how can Google maps improve their mobile app? Well, that is what we are going to be discussing today on how to change view on google maps app.

So sit tight…

Problem with the first-person perspective in Google maps navigation and the way out of it.

How to Change View on Google Maps Navigation

The latest Google updates put the first person function disabled.

And I don’t think this is kind of bug anyways, but I will show you some fix to that.

You can go to your Android phone settings. on the map, switch views to look towards the sky.

I also observed that it might be helpful to set the map directly to face the north up.

You can do this from the phone settings.

So let me quickly show you my few steps on how google maps first-person view can be changed.

Steps to Change View on Google Maps App

  • Tap on Google play store.
  • Select and click on Google maps.
  • Click on the top right menu where you see three dots line.
  • Now uncheck auto update box and go back to the main screen.

Thus consider this as the steps to disable Google maps updates.

Although Google needs to address some issues regarding Google maps app.

Generally, the below options are few terms google need to focus on as per my observations.

Performance is one the is Google need to adjust their maps on.

Google maps tend to get laggy on the most Android device when someone tries to fetch a new map data.

Hence in most cases, the GPS location tend to be buggy depending on the are you choose.

Simplicity is one of the rudiments to software development cycle (SDC).

Google need to make the map app interface to be more user-friendly and accommodated.

Self-modification is one of the factors I recommend Google to work on.

The world is going into a technology-enhanced society. So I think Google can add the feature that can allow users o modify their own maps with notes.

State their own favorite routes, drawings as per to directions/destinations.

Real Estate Searching is another key feature that Google should try and implement.

Nowadays many big house owners, investors provide inside view for tourism.

What if Google maps can be able to integrate this feature.

Safety Informations is a feature Google can as well add to the list of improvements.

I see it that it can be cool if Google maps could tell if a particular neighborhood is friendly and safe to be in.

This will be helpful in an instance of cities scenarios.

This is all I have for you today on how to change view on Google maps app. And also some further improvements Google can add to the maps.

Do let me know how you feel towards this. Don’t forget to share


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