Best WordPress Ping List 2018 to Index Your Blog Post Very Fast

This is a compilation of WordPress ping list 2018 that will enable you to easily index your new post once they are published

Blogging today have taken another dimension of diversity making the journey to be tougher and no one is ready to back off rather you adjust your seatbelt and follow the train.

In essence, am trying to talk about WordPress ping list, but for some that have not heard about it I will break it down for you.

WordPress ping list is a very useful domain directory that works as bot services to call in search engine spiders to easily crawl your newly indexed articles on your blog.

Amazing huh! yea it should so stick around while I unleash the best WordPress ping list 2018 that you can implement on your WordPress blog site effectively

Best WordPress Ping List 2018 Download

Click on the link below to view the attachment file with the recently updated WordPress ping list.

Copy it to your notepad from there I will guide you how you can insert the ping list on your blog site.

There we go WordPress ping list download

How to Add WordPress Ping List 2018 to Your Blog

  • To this correctly follow my lead, login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Scroll down to settings and click on the writing
  • Scroll down the page and locate the update services

  • Clear every other ping/pings in that field
  • Now transfer the 2018 WordPress ping list from your notepad to this field
  • Click on save that all

You are good to go

If you have any question, suggestions, complains, do well to leave a message in the below box

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