Best Websites to Download Music Free Online 2018

How are you all, welcome to this my wonderful article on the best websites to download music free online?

Today the internet is a large place to be.

You come, I come others comes to search a whole lot of stuff.

But in many cases, we don’t actually get a satisfying result to what we always wanted.

I know it is right that most times you don’t get what you want.

But in the area best free music download sites, many often write fluffs or kind of outdated posts.

So in this my guide best websites to download music free online 2018.

I have taken the time to structure out the best free music download sites for android and pc users.

So what are you waiting for?

Strap yourself in and check out the amazing stuff I got to offer you today.

This is not a junk article or kind of cut and join.

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Everything down here has been well researched and penned down by me.

So when you talk about free mp3 download sites, then this write-up got you covered.

Best Websites to Download Music Free Online

  1. Beemp3

This is one of the best platforms to download free music from.

Its services are unique and very simple.

The website is very simple t access and downloads from.

Beemp3 is proudly owned and maintained by Angolan team of staffs.

And currently sits in 1,368 positions according to Alexa domestic rank.

Also, boost a whopping position of 30,055 in global country rank as of today.

This is to tell you that lots of people frequent this website to download music for free.

2. Mp3juices

Now let’s talk about mp3juices website.

It is indeed one of the popular shot for free music download.

This is like a search engine whereby you can enter any music name of your choice and proceed to search.

Within a couple of seconds, download links will be given to you.

I have recently made a review and how to search music and video files on mp3juices website.

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3. TubidyMp3

Tubidy mp3 music download website.

It is a platform that has dedicated a lot of time in uploading of music to users without charging a dime.

It is very popular in South Africa and frequently accessed with mobile devices as statistics has it.

Anyone can visit the website to download any music of his/her choice of free.

According to Alexa, is in among the traffic sucker website on daily basis.

As it has it that nearly over 1,000,000 users access tubidy mp3 website to download music from.

To use the website is quite simple.

Just visit the website above and enter any music name of your choice in the search box.

Click on search mp3 and that is all on how to easily access tubidy mp3 music.

4. My-free-mp3

This is one of the top websites for mobile android, tablets users.

It generally has a robust mp3 music archives which can easily be downloaded.

Believe me that myfreemp3 is one of the fastest music downloading website out there.

As it stands, it has an average load time of 0.524 seconds.

Is that not incredible say for yourself

Considering the whole mp3 songs archive it possesses.

I recommend everyone should give this website a chance to find out more features.

Currently, it ranks 11,099 in the United States as of today, making it one of the rockstar music pplatformfor US citizens.

Myfreemp3 website also has a free URL shortening service, allowing anyone to easily shorten any URL for his/her music

You can visit it and see how awesome it is safeurl

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5. Mp3skulls

If you like free music, then you will love mp3skull website.

It works like a search engine that everybody can visit and search for music on.

Mp3skull provides the bedrock for MPEG-1 Audio layer III and MPEG-2 Audio Layer III file formats.

The website is very simple to access any music file on.

Primarily, the current source of its traffic is from India.

And the website loads incredibly fast with an average load time of 1.102 seconds.

Anyone can visit the website to download music free online.

6. Jamendo

Jamendo is one of a great platform for users to download free mp3 music from.

It currently receives its major traffic from France.

Users can easily access the website from any part of the world without any difficulty.

On Jamendo music platform, you have the options to download music, free streaming and play radio channels online.

Extra features indeed.

It is really a beautiful website to use for free music download.

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7. Soundcloud

Wow! what do we have here.

The big guy SoundCloud music website.

Most of us must have heard about this website if you haven’t then am sorry to say you are on the wrong side of the internet.

Soundcloud is one of the leading music platforms alongside youtube.

A lot of artists, independently on their own upload their tracks on this website.

There is no music you can check on this website that you cant find.

The website is really rich with music files.

When you visit the website, you can sign in with your Facebook and Google profile.

Or you can also create your own account to easily fill in your profile details the way you want.

8. Youtube

Who doesn’t know that youtube is the biggest music platform to download music free.

Youtube is proudly sitting in the number 2 position in the United States and the whole world in general.

Not only music can be downloaded on this platform.

Videos of any kind can be found on youtube.

For the benefits of those who find it difficult on how to download youtube videos.

I have made an article on how to easily download youtube videos in any format of your choice.

So you can go over to youtube and search for your favorite songs.

Download as you want.

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This is my take on the best websites to download music free online.

If you feel that I omitted any website that needs to be on this list.

Then do write to me as well, and moreover, guest post is greatly welcomed.

But for now, stick with this best websites to download your favorite mp3 songs online for both Android and PC users.

Read some other guides and tell me what you see.


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