Best Free Online Chinese Dating Sites in USA, UK, Canada

Today I will be talking about the top biggest Chinese dating sites today in US, UK Canada and so on.

A lot of us are undoubtedly aware of the opportunities one can encounter on a dating platform.

You can meet a fiancee to be tomorrow.

You can meet a friend that can change your life today.

Therefore believe with me that knowing the best Chinese dating websites out there today will be cool.

Arguably it will give you a heads up in what you want to achieve.

So let’s kick off.

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China today is obviously the best internet freak user country globally.

Followed by India and so in the United States on that rail.

Thus this has outbursted their social existence generally speaking.

Let me stick to the main point today, by telling you the best Chinese dating sites.

In any of this sites listed below, you have the chance of chatting for free.

Best Free Chinese Dating Sites Online

  1. Jiayuan

Jiayun website is the biggest social media channel in China today.

It has a country rank of 514 and a world rank of 4,465.

Making it one of the most visited websites in China and generally all over the world.

It currently has over 190 bright members.

This website completely offers you a lot of opportunities.

Go ahead and gie it a try, believe me, it won’t be a regret.

2. Zhenai

Zhenai is one a kind, it is the second in hand to the above.

It has robust members of over 100 million and still counting.

According to Alexa, this website has an average load time of 1.39 seconds.

Thus making it one of the fastest social media platform.

Reason being that you can surf zhenai very comfortably on your smartphone.

You can also download zhenai mobile app from google playstore and iTunes store.

3. i.baihe

Undoubtedly this was the biggest social media platform before in China.

After a global setback encountered in the earlier years that placed baihe behind Jiayun and co.

Moreover today it still have a mass number of users and active members.

It is a website where you can get chat, flirt, date, hang out and even engagement.

4. Chinalovecupid

Chinalovecupid, wao!!! look at how that name sound.

This is one of the leading Chinese dating sites for singles.

It has registered over 1 million number of users and still counting.

It is simple to use, create a profile, find a match, and start chatting.

In case you will like to chatt regularly on chinalovecupid.

Consider getting the Chinalovecupid app from Google play store.

5. Supei

Supei is a Chinese dating site for mostly older singles to have fun.

It is one of the oldest Chinese dating sites out there today.

The website offers users a unique opportunity to satisfy there wants.

It has a lot of registered and active members.

Anyone can hit up the website and create an account.

That is it you are good to go

6. Asiandating

Asiandating is a very awesome platform for someone looking for a date.

You can easily access the website to understand its core features.

It is popularly owned by US-based company and targeted to Asia more especially.

You can also download asiandating mobile app for android and ios users


I have thoroughly made a research before coming up with this article.

In any way, you fell something should be added feel free to let us know.

Use the comment box below.

And also don’t forget that the best Chinese dating sites you see here today have changed a lot of peoples lives.

So stick tight and enjoy more of our articles


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