10 Most Secure Web Browser for Android & PCs

The wait is over, today I will be talking on the most secure web browser for Android and both PC users.

I am quite aware that a lot of us here make use of different browsers on our mobile phones and PCs.

But at times we ought to forget which is more secure in carrying out our everyday jobs.

In that case, a browser is one of the most important things that one need to place a focus on.

Poor choice of browser can ruin your online presence.

Or make your inexplicably terrible.

So I advice anyone making use of PC and smartphones to note down the secure web browsers for Android and computers.

This is to avoid some awkward stories.

Now in choosing a browser, there some specifications that can be followed to be sure you are on the right track.

This specifications are quite common and uncommon.


In this vein, I advise anyone to see my guidelines on the best secure web browsers on the internet.

The reason is to secure your work and online safety.

The specification in Choosing a Web Browser

In considering this, we focus on

  • The portability
  • Handling
  • Performance
  • Usability

Now I will take each of the above-listed specifications one after the other.


To choose a web browser for your PC and Android device, you consider choosing a browser that can be easy to operate.

No one likes to go to a browser that might be a bit complicated.

Because this can bore your work and experience.

In the earlier days, I still remember that Google Chrome was kind of a bit complicated.

But now after all the improvements and greatly enhanced features by Google.

Google Chrome is now a thing of mind-blowing.


This deals with the simplicity of a web browser.

Going for a web browser that is very simple to handle is not bad at all.

Take, for instance, Firefox browser you can see with me that in order to effectively use this browser either on your phone or PC.

It is very necessary that you consider your phone specifications and Computers as well.

Because if by any way your device is low in memory (RAM), this can result in poor performance.

Thereby making your experience very terrible.


Similar to what I said above, It is advisable you consider the performance of a web browser and the gadget you are using.

This is to enable you to make use of the web browser properly.

Because in some cases, a web browser like Firefox, Maxthon that constitutes heavy build files can hand, crash your device.

So it is necessary either you upgrade your memory performance or you go for a lower browser.


As you can see that some web browsers consume a lot of internet bundle.

When we focus on being economical for a college student, consider a web browser that can maximize your spending.

Some web browsers like Opera mini have auto ads built into it.

This can reduce your memory space like cache memory.

And also consume your battery capacity, so it is advisable you check all this when choosing a web browser for your PC and Android phones.

Most Secure Web Browser for Android

  1. Brave

This browser gives you optimum security, privacy, and fast browsing.

According to ratings, the brave browser is 8times faster than Google Chrome and Safari.

Also, brave browser contains an ad block feature.

This is an amazing feature that helps blocks away unwanted ads when you visit some websites.

Thus, saving a little more bucks for you.

2. Dolphin Browser


This is a browser that is the current successor of internet explorer in accessibility and features.

Dolphin browser has recorded millions of users.

It is obviously one of the best web browsers for Android and PC usage.

It has a great loading speed, Adblocker, incognito browsing feature, HTML5 video playback support, and many more amazing features.

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3. Mozilla

This is truly one of the most secure web browsers out there today.

With firefox browser, the speed and privacy you need rest assured.

It is available for both, Pc, Android, and ios devices.

Firefox browser comes with all round extensive features to suit your need.

Synchronisation for both PC, iOS and Android gadgets.

Easy access to all your favorite bookmarks, send tabs to both mobile and desktop views.

Secure browsing mode and added tracking protection to control what you share online.

Full dozens of extensions that can enable you to customize your browser to suit your experience.

Amazing themes to match firefox to your mood or create your own theme with firefox template builder.

4. Firefox Focus

This is a browser similar to Firefox by the same developers.

What firefox focus does is this.

This browser comes in handy customizable tabs and biometric access features.

Focus gives the user the most comfortable browsing experience.

Currently, it runs on ios, blackberry key2, and Android only.

5. Google Chrome

One fast, simple and one of the best secure web browser.

Chrome browser comes with built-in hardware acceleraton and malware scanner.

It can detect and remove harmful applications from your device.

Simply by logging in with your Google account on chrome, you will have the power to perform a lot of functions.

It has the power to easily synchronize all your logged passwords, bookmarks, extensions across all devices.

This web browser also comes with a word auto-complete feature.

It is simple, fast, easy, secure and reliable to use.

6. Lynx Browser

With Lynx, one stands the chance of doing many more not just browsing and son on.

Rather an auot synchronization to cloud storage.

Lynx guarantee your privacy because when your files are secured on the cloud.

It is very hard to get it compromised.

You can download Lynx browser today and create a free account to back up your photos and files.

7. Lightning Web Browser

This app runs on all devices.

Lightning is a very fast, simple, and secure web browser for all devices.

It makes use of material design and DONOT track feature to give you the best protection you need.

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8. UC Browser Mini

Uc browser mini gives you the fastest browser experience.

This is a brilliant browser in the sense that it is fast, fully customizable, it has versions for low range smartphones.

This browser is a good alternative to many Android and PC browsers out there.

It comes wit a cool and simple interface to give you the best user experience.

In terms of usability, scalability, Uc mini browser speaks well of it.

You can easily download Uc browser mini from UC official website.

9. Opera

Opera browser is really fast, secure and very easy to use the browser.

It normally comes with pre-built bookmarks to enable you to see some major news, events happening around the world.

It runs on all devices with no lagging issues.

But in most cases, opera seems to contain in ads contents which can consume your data plan more rapidly.

Indeed it is a cool and awesome browser

No special experience is required with Opera browser.

10. Microsoft Edge Browser

It is time to end tab chaos with Microsoft edge browser.

This browser is strongly built to aaccommodatebattery life.

Comapared to most other browsers like chrome, firefox, it improves better battery performance.

This is considered the best browser for computers and windows phones.

And it is idle for offic use.


In refernece to this article most secure web browser for Android, ios and Pc devices.

This can enable you to choose the best browser according to your device, work, and play.

So I recommend that you read my article carefully and I will be expecting a comment, suggestions, improvements regarding this post.

But for now, this is the most secure browsers for Android and PCs browser 2018.


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